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Anthropomorphic personification. Grim Reaper. Cat Person. Part-time Santa.

What else did you expect from Discworld?

Santa: Much like being the Hogfather, only with a little more bending of rules. Some people still view him as Santa even after the holiday has passed, and most even like him.

Death: A job's a job. Still has a library full of the life-stories of everyone in the mansion, along with their timers.

Not!Death: Preventing people from dying, though a paradox, is an essential job. There may be five chances on this world, but the outcome is far from pleasant. If the world itself is allowed to break the rules, Death is certainly allowed to get a little... creative.


Roxas: Hired elf for the holidays. Roxas knew Death when he was here "before", and may have actually been Death's first friend. He does his best to help console the former-Nobody when he worries about the future and existence... though whether he's actually helping is another matter.

Sora: Hired elf for the holidays. Sora is a very sweet kid who seems to have formed a lasting bond with Death's horse, Binky.

Azure Kite: Hired elf for the holidays. An AI who often doubts his own worth and existence, Death decided to be extra nice for the holiday season and give Kite a very special silver bell which, combined with the AI's already present identity, a "human" soul. He can also relate to Kite in that they often over-analyze things.

Jay: Hired elf for the holidays. As the most logical (and reluctant) of Death's elves, having Jay believe in the true spirit of Christmas was an achievement in itself. Though Death often joins Sora in pushing Jay's bottons, the two are actually fairly good friends. Also, Death forced him to be Tiny Tim during one Christmas event. Many lulz ensued.

Vexen: The new Rincewind, also Scrooge. Vexen may not enjoy Death's constant stalking presence, but the poor guy always seems to be in peril. For Christmas, Death managed to help lift a curse upon Vexen's "good friend", Saix, so the former Nobody can at least tolerate Death's shenanigans now.

Eiko: A kind little girl who repayed him for his Christmas present (a picture of both of her families) by also getting him the one thing he wanted for the holiday: a desk.

Demyx: "Kook". He made Roxas very upset when the mansion managed to get everyone high. Death had a little "word" with Kook.

Clow: A wizard Death gets along with well. Having a wizard around almost makes him feel like he's back on the Disc... only with less apocalyptic happenings.

Death ("Didi"): Surprisingly not Death 2.0. This one is female, though. She seems nice enough, at least, and the two now work together within the mansion being both Death and Not!Death. Also unlike Death 2.0, Didi is actually fun to be around.

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